Cash Management

You can pay your staff in just moments with Free Cash Management direct deposit payroll services.  With Cash Management, you easily create ACH transactions that can be sent to any financial institution anywhere – so if one employee banks in La Junta and another in Pueblo or Fowler, no problem.  You can pay them all at the same time with just a few clicks.

On vacation or traveling for business?  You can access Cash Management anywhere you have internet access.

And, of course, employees love it, too.  No standing in line or using their lunch hour to go to the bank.  Their money is ready and waiting in their bank accounts automatically.

Cash Management can be set up and ready to use in as little as a week.  For more information, contact us now.

Merchant Services

Accepting credit cards is convenient for your customers and great for your business.  First National Bank has a custom designed solution for you, no matter how you accept payments:  at your location, online, by mail or over the phone.  We’ll get you up and running fast and keep you running with ongoing service.  Ask your banker for full information today.

We accept Visa®, Master Card®, Discover®, and American Express® and can customize our services based on your needs.

Business Credit and Debit Cards

First National Bank Credit and Debit Cards are convenient ways to manage everyday expenses – from paying for a staff lunch to ordering supplies to business travel or even larger purchases.   They simplify record-keeping and save you time.  Make your business life easier.  Contact us today to apply. 

*Cash Management, Merchant Services, and Business Credit and Debit Cards are non-deposit products and are not FDIC insured.